David Shaw dshaw at
Sat Feb 10 04:12:45 CET 2007

On Fri, Feb 09, 2007 at 07:09:02PM -0500, Greg Reaume wrote:
> I'm having troubles with the sig-keyserver-url option in GPG 1.4.6 on
> Windows XP.
> I have it specified in my gpg.conf:
> sig-keyserver-url hkp://
> ...but it doesn't seem to have any effect.
> I also try to specify it on the cmd line:
> gpg --sig-keyserver-url hkp:// --sign-key ########
> ...and it proceeds with signing but leaves off the keyserver URL.
> I have found only one way to make it work on my own key.  If I first
> self-sign my key, quit, then return to edit and use the 'keyserver'
> command it will work.  If I try to do both things in the same edit
> session it will quietly take the command but do nothing.  Unfortunately
> edit mode won't allow me to do this on someone else's key because I
> don't have the private key.
> I'm using the openpgp option (no-force-v3-sigs) and I have successfully
> set the cert-policy-url in my gpg.conf and it works every time.  I have
> set list-options and verify-options show-keyserver-urls.  verbose and
> debug 1024 options yield no useful output for this issue.

I think there is some confusion here.  sig-keyserver-url applies to
signatures.  That is, signatures on data (--sign-file or the other
signature making commands).  It has no effect on signing keys

What are you trying to accomplish?


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