storing password lists in mails to myself on IMAP?

Randy Burns randy at
Tue Feb 13 20:53:26 CET 2007

--- Nomen Nescio <nobody at> wrote:

> I use thunderbird on my laptop and desktop with an IMAP server, and
> I've been mailing myself encrypted mails with website passwords so I
> have access to them on both computers.
> This is just as secure as encrypting a file and copying it onto both
> computers without using e-mail as a medium, right?
> Or am I doing something stupid?
> thanks

As far as I know, once it's encrypted, you can publish it on a webpage, or
put it on a billboard by the highway if you want. Without the secret key,
and the passphrase, the message might as well be buried two miles under a
pyramid by the Nile. It may not always be that way, but it is now.


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