GPG4Win keys not appearing

Bruce Cowin bdc at
Thu Feb 15 21:07:20 CET 2007

Hi Kurt,

Yes it is GPGee I'm using.  Thanks for the explanation.  I'll see if I can produce the keyrings.  Failing that, I guess we'll just keep trying until the key reappears or use GPG commands.

Thanks again.



>>> Kurt Fitzner <kfitzner at> 16/02/2007 12:14:02 a.m. >>>
Hi Bruce,

I'm the author of GPGee (GPG Explorer Extensions), which from what you
have described, seems to be the component you're having problems with.

I've had several reports of keys disappearing at odd times.  I've never
been able to duplicate the problem myself, so I haven't been able to
track it down completely.

My GPGee program ran into problems because it has to deal with an issue
with GnuPG where specifying the same key ring more than once causes keys
to duplicate in its output.  It's quite easy to mis-configure the
gpg.conf file to cause GPG to do this, so I had to write in code in the
explorer extension that filtered this out.  I am fairly certain it is
this code that is, in certain cases, misbehaving, but I've not been able
to work out exactly how.

Several times I've requested a change to GPG to cause it to not
duplicate keyring output, but this has not been done.

If you can produce a sample keyring that exhibits the disappearing key
behavior, I'll try again to track the problem down.  Failing that, I
suppose enough people will just have to step up and ask for GPG to change.


     Kurt Fitzner

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