Local file encryption

Janusz A. Urbanowicz alex at bofh.net.pl
Mon Feb 19 17:11:14 CET 2007

On Mon, Feb 19, 2007 at 09:21:56AM -0500, eemaestro at gmail.com wrote:
> I have been using gpg to encrypt/decrypt files on my computer "for my
> eyes only".  I have been using my public/private keypair on my keyring
> to do so.   I just discovered that I can use encrypt/decrypt local
> files using a symmetric cipher--i.e., you enter one secret passphrase
> to encrypt and then enter the same secret passphrase to decrypt.
> Since my encryption is only for files for myself, do you think using a
> symmetric cipher would be a better idea, or doesn't it matter?    Or
> is choice of a passphrase a bigger issue than the type of cipher --
> symmetric vs. public/private keypair ?

It doesnt matter, in both cases the files are symmetrically encrypted,
only keying method changes.

I prefer to use pubkey encryption anyway, , one passphrase less to remember.

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