Still Bad Signatures - KGPG seems broken

Chris cpollock at
Wed Jan 3 02:55:56 CET 2007

On Tuesday 02 January 2007 12:11 pm, Doug Barton wrote:
> Robert Smits wrote:
> > No, it only seems to happen to me. That is, If I send a message to
> > someone else it's normal and the sig is good. But if I send a message to
> > myself, or to a mailing list and I then receive it myself, the sig is
> > marked bad.
> This is starting to sound like something you might want to bring up
> with the kmail folks.

Robert, I've missed some of this thread but maybe I can partially help. I too 
see my sigs as bad when sending to one particular mailing list, the Mandriava 
Newbie List. I've been told it has to do with the software they use, sympa. 
My sigs only show as bad if I use OpenPGP/MIME, if I use Inline OpenPGP they 
show up as good. I still see bad signatures in my sent mail folder mostly on 
LARTs I've sent out. I'm not sure what causes it, some say it has to do with 
Kmail. I've not yet gotten around to setting up another mailer though.

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