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Dear Robert,

long time since you wrote this, but I did not have time to reply

* Robert J. Hansen <rjh at> [2006-12-05 16:06:56 -0600]:


> This year, I'm grateful that we have a Free Software implementation of
> the OpenPGP protocol.  I'm also grateful that the development process is
> fairly open and I'm grateful that, by and large, the people in the
> community are friendly.
> This year, I'm giving $10 to the Free Software Foundation
> ( in the name of the GNU Privacy Guard, as my way of
> telling the developers "thanks".

First of all, I would like to thank you for your e-mail. 

I think it is very important that we pay money for Free Software. (There
is a good article in German on about
this topic.)

But considering your motivation ("grateful [... to] have a Free Software
implementation of the OpenPGP protocol.") you donated your money to the
"wrong" address. IMHO you should have donated to GnuPG directly, give it
to Werner as one of the main developers or to g10code

IMO you should have another motivation to donate to the FSFs. The Free
Software Foundations are working to secure the legal, political and
social future of Free Software. That is important for all Free Software
projects and companies.

So if this work is important for you, you should support the FSFs. There
are different options for this:

In the US:
- if you want to have the focus on the US you should donate to the FSF
  in Boston (
- or become an associated member
  (also on

In Europe:
- if you want to have a European focus you should donate to FSFE
- or become a Fellow of FSFE (

In Latin America:
- if you want to focus on Latin America you should donate to FSFLA

In India: 
- and the same for India (

With best wishes,

Join the Fellowship and protect your freedom!      (
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