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Thorsten Haude wrote:
> Hi,
> * Werner Koch wrote (2007-01-05 14:58):
>> Shall we start to measure contributions by the number of source code
>> lines [...]?
> That;
> would;
> be;
> a;
> really;
> good;
> idea!;
I can see you are making a point,
One with which I agree.

People will conform with whatever measuring system is in place.
If you get paid in lines of code, they will generate a lot of
lines of code, even if a better program can be written with fewer.

If they get paid inversely by memory requirements, they will write
small programs.

If they get paid by fast programs, they will probably write fast ones.

It would be more difficult to pay people by reliability of programs,
clearness and simplicity of documentation, etc., but those might be
worthwhile criteria.

All of which reminds me I forgot to send my contribution to FSF last year.

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