signing an verifying data without the need of files

Björn Mayer info at
Tue Jan 16 17:01:08 CET 2007

  Hi John,

  thanks for your reply!! The problem is, that this tool is written in C and
  is using the GPGME library. I want to write a method for my JavaGPG class
  and thus would like to know, how this can be done just by using a shell.
  The reason is, that my Java API simulates shell commands and retrieves
  the results via redirecting the standard output into particular file
  descriptors. From here, I can access the results in Java.

  But anyway, thanks for your reply, in deed it is a pretty nifty utility  

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> Björn Mayer wrote:
>>   I would like to sign text without first having to create a file where  
>> I
>> have to write the text into.
>>   --> is it possible to hand the text directly from the standard input?
>>   As well I would like to obtain the signature without having to open  
>> the
>> created ".asc" file.
>>   --> is it possible to redirect the file output to the standard output?
>>   Of course, the same questions do occure concerning verification!
>>   Currently, I'm writing a Java API for a project of mine and would  
>> like to
>> speed up the performance
>>   by avoiding slow file operations...
> You may wish to look into GPGee.  The nifty little utility will add
> appropriate entries to your Rt. Click Context Menu.
> JOHN ;)
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