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John Clizbe JPClizbe at
Tue Jul 3 01:55:56 CEST 2007

John W. Moore III wrote:
> Andrew Berg wrote:
>> There was a mismatch of GPG versions. I fixed that, and FireGPG makes
>> valid signatures with GPG 2.0.4.
>> The "algorithm 11 not available" problem remains, though.
> 'Algorithm 11' or S11 is Camellia and *should not* be Enabled except for
> those approved for Inter Interoperability TESTing.  Therefore S11 should
> _not_ appear unless You have Compiled GnuPG with this algorithm enabled. :-\


Except the OP was referring to gpg2 which does not have any of the Camellia code
in it yet. So concluding that it's Camellia is a bit of a stretch.

Since the error occurred in md_enable, it'd be a safer bet to go checking in the
hash functions.

Also, this is a *known error*, see this thread, 'Algorithm 11 not available',

It stems from the fact that the cipher library in gpg2 does not have SHA-224
(hash algorithm 11) enabled.

Amazing tool, list archives. 8-}\

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