Ownership of usb device with udev.

Guillaume Yziquel guillaume.yziquel at free.fr
Tue Jul 3 13:35:10 CEST 2007

Werner Koch a écrit :
> On Tue,  3 Jul 2007 11:30, guillaume.yziquel at free.fr said:
>> My main problem is that I do not really understand how udev works. I
>> understood there was lots of renaming involved. And with all these
>> renamings, I do not really know how to make ownership changes.
> Nor do I.  The whole hotplug stuff just works for me since years and I
> frankly don't know what is the difference between udev and hotplug.  The
> problem is that I only rarely install new machines and that some of mine
> are going back to Potato.  There is one new box here with a plain Etch
> installation.  If I find time I will attach a reader to that box and
> check it out.

This link describes the udev thingy in an understandable way:


Maybe it is too specific to Debian. I do not know.

It deals with ownership problems somewhere inside. I think it should be
a good reference for the HOWTO. As it was mentioned in some mail before,
 the HOWTO is not completely complete, concerning udev machinery. If you
type the commands somewhat too fast, reading blindly, then you get my
problem. Rights management is mentioned in the GPG Smartacard HOWTO, but
 very very quickly, without instructions to follow. It is therefore
somewhat hard to follow.

I think the HOWTO needs this information, because its absence really
makes life complicated for average or below-average users trying to get
the smartacard reader working.

Guillaume Yziquel.

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