Strange experience with diskperf

Charles.Thomas at Charles.Thomas at
Fri Jul 6 18:17:29 CEST 2007

We have had a strange experience with gnupg and diskperf.  It seems right
that it should be publicized.

We installed gnupg in our development and QA environments and all went
well.   When we went to promote the application and supporting code to
production we had a rude awakening.  We found that we could not encrypt.
gnupg would hang in the encryption phase.

QA and production are identical windows servers running Windows Servers OS,
Version 5.2.3790.

Eventually we noticed that diskperf was off in the QA environment, but
active in production.   We turned it off in production, and the problem
went away.  We turned it back on, but the problem stayed away (for now?).

It is not clear if this is a Windows or a gnupg bug.  Either way it does
not give one a warm a cosy feeling.  Has anyone else had a similar
experience?  Should it be brought to the attention of developers?

Chip Thomas

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