How Do I Export Secring & Pubring Armored Files?

guitarbench at guitarbench at
Mon Jul 23 03:45:41 CEST 2007

> This looks like a PGP keyfile, not a GnuPG keyfile
> GnuPG uses the .gpg extension.

At this point, I'm completely flummoxed.  I have PGP and GPG keyrings scattered all over this computer, and I have no way of telling which ones are actually the GPG keyrings being used and maintained by WinPT, nor under which identifying extension.  There's a window in WinPT that nominally tells this, but it's too short to display the path & filename and doesn't expand.

By searching, the most recently modified keyrings are those I mentioned.

I'm trying to import a keyring into Quicksilver's PGPed nym function, and on top of all this, it will not import GnuPG secure keys, apparently.

I've figured out a kludgy workaround for this, namely blowing off the GPG keys and making a new set in PGP, but most of my problem seems to be from the various PGP/GPG incompatibilities.  With luck, I can import the PGP keys into GPG.

Thanks for your help.

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