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Sat Jun 23 21:21:17 CEST 2007

Andrew Berg wrote:
 > John Clizbe wrote:
>> If you have multiple keys that match a given search term, ie
>> "Andrew Berg", then the easiest way to avoid ambiguity is to refer
>> to the keys via the short hexadecimal key ID
> Yeah, but I tend to remember my name much more easily than my key ID.
>> 0xdecafbad
> :-D

With a bit of practice, they're easily remembered.

>> You also may wish to specify the new key as the default-key along
>> with various other helpful settings in gpg.conf.
> I can't get the format right.

    default-key 0xdecafbad	# use this key to sign
    default-recipient-self	# always encrypt a copy to me
    encrypt-to 0xdeadbeef	# also encrypt to my second key

> I thought of something: why not delete the old key outright? Not only
> has it been revoked, but that email address doesn't even exist anymore
> (which is why I revoked it).

Revoking the old and adding a new userID is the route I'd take, but we've
already had that discussion.

The only reason for keeping your old key is to decrypt anything that may have
been encrypted to it.  If you delete the old key you will lose access to
anything encrypted to that key.

If you /really/ want to use your name to lookup your current key, you could add
a new UID to the old key that doesn't match your name and delete the UID that
does match; eg "A. Berg-revoked". You may use anything you like, so long as it
doesn't match whatever you are using for a search term.

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