Erroneous char at the end of a file...

oryann9 oryann9 at
Wed Mar 21 20:46:57 CET 2007


What version of GPG are you using?
What is your encrypt and decrypt strings?
Are you aware of --textmode if platforms differ?
And --armour and --no-mangle-dos-filenames?

--- Eric Robinson <ewrobinson at> wrote:

> Hello Group,
> I have a customer that is getting erroneous
> characters in the data at
> the end of a file (looks like ASCII ?) when they
> decrypt.  This does not
> happen for every file.  
> This customer is decrypting our GPG encrypted file
> with Authora's Edge
> 2.5.1
> We have looked at the data before the GPG encryption
> and It is clean and
> free of characters   
> Has anyone seen this type of issue with Authora's
> Edge software?  I
> would appreciate any help at all.
> Thanks,
> Eric
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