using private key on removable media

Werner Koch wk at
Tue May 1 18:09:23 CEST 2007

On Tue,  1 May 2007 17:11, hawke at said:

> Let me guess -- I won't be able to keep the primary secret key offline
> any more?

No, no.  

It is just so that the public keys will be moved to a file (called
keybox) which allows to store meta data like fingerprints and such and
make searching for keys far more effective.  The current keyrings are
actually very slow and there must be magic somewhere so that they work
at all.

The new format is already used by gpgsm (X.509) and as soon as it has
been implemented for gpg2 trehre will be just one keybox for all kinds
of public keys.



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