Invaild Key

Richard Hedlind rhedlind at
Fri May 4 15:13:29 CEST 2007

I new to OpenPGP and GNUPG and have created myself a problem.

I'm using Thunderbird and Enigmai.  I originally loaded
gpg4win-1.0.9 and created a key pair successfully,key id 0xC8D5E165
pub/sec..  I deleted the program in my testing and reload gpg4win.
Now my key ID is 0x2AD07B94 pub/sec.

My problem now is when I go to sign or encrypt my email I get the
following error.  "Send operation aborted.   INV_RECP 0 0xC8D5E165  gpg
command line and output:  C:\\program file\\gnu\\gnupg\\gpg.exe
--charset utf8 --batch --no tty -- status-fd2 --comments 'using gnupg
with mozilla -' -a -t -e --trust model always
--encrypt-to 0xC8D5E165 -r 0x39B0DE242AD07B94 -u 0xC8D5E165  gpg:
0xC8D5E165: skipped: public key not found gpg: [stdin]: encryption
failed: public key not found

I have cleaned up the registry reload gpg4win and enigmail to no avail.
 Also when I reload and built new keys I used the same passphase that I
used originally.  I would like to get back to square one and get it working.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

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