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Peter S. May me at
Fri May 4 18:29:01 CEST 2007

Richard Hedlind wrote:
> My problem now is when I go to sign or encrypt my email I get the
> following error.  "Send operation aborted.   INV_RECP 0 0xC8D5E165  gpg
> command line and output:  C:\\program file\\gnu\\gnupg\\gpg.exe
> --charset utf8 --batch --no tty -- status-fd2 --comments 'using gnupg
> with mozilla -' -a -t -e --trust model always
> --encrypt-to 0xC8D5E165 -r 0x39B0DE242AD07B94 -u 0xC8D5E165  gpg:
> 0xC8D5E165: skipped: public key not found gpg: [stdin]: encryption
> failed: public key not found

Sounds to me like perhaps you forgot to change the key ID associated
with your account in Enigmail.

In Thunderbird 1.x (possibly slightly different in Thunderbird 2) it's a
matter of going to Edit > Account Settings, then finding "OpenPGP
Security" under your mail account.  If my guess is correct, you'd see
the "Use specific OpenPGP key ID" radio button set with your old key ID
(0xC8D5E165) in the field.  From there, you could select your new key
with the "Select Key ..." button, or you could just hit the "Use email
address of this identity to identify OpenPGP key" setting instead.

If that's already set to the right key, you might just have to suck it
up and look under the hood--that is, check the console application to
make sure what you're trying to do works from there.

Good fortune

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