[Confusion] distinction between the 2 versions 1.4.6 & 2.0.3 & how to make the key compliant with 2.0.3

Casey Jones groups at caseyljones.net
Wed May 16 07:18:45 CEST 2007

shirish wrote:

>  Also what do u guys think of Mr. Casey Jones, do u think he's right
> at the above.

Werner posted that the keys should be identical between the versions, so 
I guess my suggestion shouldn't be necessary. Therefore I withdraw my 
suggestion. It still might be worth a try though. Just make sure your 
backups are good before you mess with your key.

Before you do that though, try signing and encrypting a file with gpg 
from the command line and checking to see that it will validate. That 
way you'll know if the problem is gpg or firepg.

First, to verify that you have your keys in an accessible place and to 
remind you what your key ID is:
gpg --list-keys

Then sign and encrypt to an ascii file using your own key ID when it 
asks for recipient:
gpg -a -se yourloveletter.txt

Then see if it works:
gpg --decrypt yourloveletter.txt.asc

I like to use the -a when testing like this just so it will come out in 
an ascii format that I can enjoy looking at instead of the default 
binary format.

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