Feature request: load gpg.conf from the same directory as GPG

Andrew Berg bahamut at digital-signal.net
Wed May 23 15:27:11 CEST 2007

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John Clizbe wrote:
> FWIW, the "look for gpg.conf
> in same directory as executable" idea, falls apart if you ever need to have
> additional copies of GnuPG in the case of different OS or CPUs.
There's not really a directory that W32, Mac, and*nix versions will
share without tinkering, so everything would "fall apart" in that
case, wouldn't it?
> Storing user data together with programs is generally considered a "BAD
Only if there are other users.
>> It's a shared home machine, and I'd rather not even use the
>> user-specific directory on my own machine.
> It would be just as valid to leave gpg.conf in its default location and
> GnuPG to the keyring files. There's really nothing 'security sensitive' in
> gpg.conf.
I know that. I just don't like having things in %appdata%.
>> I'm not entirely sure how to do that.
> For illustration, I'll use the location I use for my keyrings.
> If only using GnuPG in a command window...
> If you only need to use GnuPG with Enigmail within Thunderbird, you can
do this
> using Enigmail's preferences. From Thunderbird's menu bar, OpenPGP -->
> Preferences. If the 'Display expert settings' box is unchecked, check
it now.
> Now click on the Advanced tab. In the box labeled 'Additional
parameters for
> GnuPG', add '--homedir O:\GnuPG' (without the quotes and changing to
> path you are using).
> To set it for all your applications, you can define an environment variable
> using Control Panel.
> Control Panel --> System --> Advanced --> 'Environment Variables'
button. Under
> 'User variables' at the top of the panel, click the 'New' button.
>    For Variable Name, enter GNUPGHOME
>    For Variable Value, enter the location you are using, eg O:\GnuPG
> Click OK three times to close the applet. BTW, right-clicking the
desktop's My
> Computer icon and selecting Properties is equivalent to Control
> (Start --> Run --> sysdm.cpl [OK] also will work.)
For some reason setting the variable via CP didn't work, but the set
command did. This is especially strange since I set another variable
via CP, and it has worked the whole time. I was familiar with setting
such variables, but I did not know that GPG would pick up on
%gnupghome%. Of all the docs I read to try to solve this problem, I
just had to overlook readme.w32 and news.txt.

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