Can't run GPG --recv-keys under Windows Vista.

Henry Hertz Hobbit hhhobbit at
Sun May 27 21:52:06 CEST 2007

"Robert J. Hansen" <rjh at> wrote:

> This is probably because of how Windows Vista has changed how
> programs may call other programs.  It is a (semi-)known compatibility
> issue with Windows Vista; an awful lot of programs are suffering
> from  some of Vista's 'improvements'.

I think you are being charitable.  In reality, you are going
to have to scrap almost all your old Windows programs since they
will not work with Vista.  The people providing binary programs for
Vista are going to have to pay the $1000 annual fee for the Microsoft
certification to make their program run on Vista. There is a
work-around ... but I have only used it for scripts and stand-alone
binaries.  You run them from a Command Prompt which is running in
elevated status:

Follow the link at the bottom for "Quickly open a Command Prompt
with elevated credentials in Windows Vista".  If you have already
done this (actually, I assume you have), then that would be nice
to know because that means that any executable that was messaged
into existence by another executable even though the first one
was running with elevated privileges will be running in lower
level capacity (you don't really fork() on Windows). It would be
nice to know if you are already using this "trick".  So far all
I have been dealing with are scripts and stand-alone binary
programs (they don't message other binaries into running) which
so far the RunAs method makes them continue to work.

> For time being, it's best to consider GnuPG on Vista to be
> unsupported and not recommended.

Again, it isn't GnuPG that isn't recommended.  It is VISTA that
is unsupported and not recommended!  Scamper back to XP if you

Moses, what you should have considered was a Dell preloaded with
Ubuntu Linux.  People are missing the whole significance of that
move. What that means is that ALL Dell machines and that means even
those running Windows Vista are capable of running Ubuntu Linux
out of the box.  Forget about an embedded sound chip that won't
work with Linux (especial significance for laptops). Dell isn't
going to have a one-off run of hardware only for Linux.  That
means that the vendors supplying hardware for all Dell machines
have made a commitment of providing their middle-ware (drivers
if you prefer) for both Vista and Ubuntu Linux.

Let us know if you have tried the RunAs work-around and that it
has failed.  BTW, this shift by Microsoft hasn't stopped the
hackers in Russia and elsewhere - their programs are now certified,
and still semi-encrypted to evade detection, and they have began
infecting Windows Vista systems.  If you ask me, Vista is nothing
more than an effort to gouge developers for $1000 per year.  I am
NOT going to pay that much for some people to run some of my
scripts.  For large vendors like Symantec, McAfee and others that
fee is so low it isn't even pocket change.  But for the end user
that means scrapping almost all of your existing programs and
replacing them with programs that have the certificate to run
on Vista.


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