Can't run GPG --recv-keys under Windows Vista.

Jørgen Christiansen Lysdal j.lysdal at
Sun May 27 23:45:52 CEST 2007

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Henry Hertz Hobbit skrev:
> I think you are being charitable.  In reality, you are going
> to have to scrap almost all your old Windows programs since they
> will not work with Vista.  

Just turn UAC off ffs! Its just there to bother you..

> The people providing binary programs for
> Vista are going to have to pay the $1000 annual fee for the Microsoft
> certification to make their program run on Vista. 

That is so not true..

> BTW, this shift by Microsoft hasn't stopped the
> hackers in Russia and elsewhere - their programs are now certified,
> and still semi-encrypted to evade detection, and they have began
> infecting Windows Vista systems.

And all other windows systems in use, dont forget that...

> If you ask me, Vista is nothing
> more than an effort to gouge developers for $1000 per year.  I am
> NOT going to pay that much for some people to run some of my
> scripts.  For large vendors like Symantec, McAfee and others that
> fee is so low it isn't even pocket change.  But for the end user
> that means scrapping almost all of your existing programs and
> replacing them with programs that have the certificate to run
> on Vista.

If you where an openpgp key, you shuld revoke yourself!!
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