GNuPG Newb

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Thu Nov 1 19:52:53 CET 2007

jramro wrote:
>  I was a bit confused because i heard that PGP can intercept a mail form
> through SMTP and encrypt it , but that GnuPG can not? 

GnuPG and PGP both support the OpenPGP specification (RFC2440).  They
also each have some additional functionality.  PGP has a mail proxy as
part of its additional functionality.  GnuPG does not provide this.

I am not fond of the mail proxy idea, myself.

> Do i have to first output my mail form into a temp folder as a .txt file,
> and then encrypt the .txt file?

Probably not.  I/O redirection will probably do the job for you.

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