Key safety vs Backup : History of a bad day (key-restoration problem)

YYZ yyz01 at
Fri Nov 2 03:58:41 CET 2007

Why not just pick a strong passphrase and mail a copy to all
your email accounts? You would only need to worry about remembering
the passphrase. One solution is to pick a bunch of friends who
regularly use pgp (maybe even the active members from this list),
encrypt the text of you passphrase to these recipients and keep
several copies of it at different places (and obviously not mail it
to any of the recipients). If ever you forget your passphrase, just
ask anyone from the recipient list to decrypt it for you. You can
then change the passphrase - no damage done! To be on the safe side, 
add a symmetric enc key too, with a simple password that you would
always remember...


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