key-restoration problem // secret sharing

Sven Radde sven at
Fri Nov 2 16:58:44 CET 2007

vedaal at schrieb:

> > is there a section of the ascii-armored secret key block,
> > that by itself, is enough to reconstruct the secret key,
> >   
Based on the knowledge that paperkey exists, I would believe so.
Somewhere on your key will be the, e.g., 2048 bits that make it
'interesting'. It is reasonable to assume that they are in an contiguous
block and not scattered over the keyfile (given that GnuPG uses a
packet-structure for all its data).

> > and if so,
> > how can it be determined which part of the keyblock it is,
> > in order to make sure that that section is 'split' for sharing ?
I assume that splitting the ASCII-armor column-wise instead of line-wise
might be a good approximation  ;-) 

cu, Sven

PS: Vedaal, a mail sent to you off-list was apparently returned as

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