Gen Key command done correctly

Ladislav Hagara ladislav.hagara at
Tue Nov 6 02:08:46 CET 2007

> When I used gen-key, I got one, but at the end was told that I'd need to
> generate a  sub-key that I could use to actually encrypt.
> \
> \
> So,, what I am asking in where I went wrong?
> I used the gpg --gen-key to generate a non-expiring 4096 RSA key; gave a
> name and email address.

If you chose the default option ((1) DSA and Elgamal (default)) you
would have both sign and decrypt keys now.
You chose ((5) RSA (sign only)) so you have sign key only.
You must run "gpg --edit-key" and then "addkey" command and choose key
for encryption ((6) RSA (encrypt only)).

Ladislav Hagara

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