UID management

Werner Koch wk at gnupg.org
Tue Nov 6 11:09:51 CET 2007

On Mon,  5 Nov 2007 18:18, pg at futureware.at said:

>> See GPA for an implementarions of this.
> How likely will it be that such an implementation will break with the next 
> version? It doesn´t sounds like a stable, robust and secure way to me.

It won't break as long as you follow the main guideline to send a LF
(i.e. no value) on unknown prompts.

> You mean an implementation bug? Or is there some structural problem that 

It means that it is not speicified and that the ordering may change at
any time.  As David explained, you should either use the UID hash to
select a UID or use --edit-key --with-colons and compute the number of
the uid by counting the "uid:" lines.

> doesnt allow for a robust ordering? Are you sorting the UIDs while importing 
> them for faster lookup? Aren´t you just copying the public key into the 
> keyring directly?
> Why isn´t it order just in the same way it is written in the file? Why is it 
> reordered at all? Why isn´t the ordering configurable?

Because the order has no semantic meaning.

> How can I specify it then?

man 1 sort

>> OpenPGP does not define any order of UIDs. 
> Is that an issue that should be solved in the OpenPGP standard? Can you write 
> a proposal that would suit it?

No. No.



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