New OpenPGP standard published

Dirk Traulsen dirk.traulsen at
Tue Nov 6 18:42:33 CET 2007

Am 2 Nov 2007 um 11:52 hat David Shaw geschrieben:
> The new OpenPGP standard has been published.  

Congratulations for the new RFC!

But, since 2004, I report regularly at least once a year that the 
example for the Radix-64-Encoding in '6.5. Examples of Radix-64' on 
page 59 in the rfc is wrong.

With David Shaw on the board, I thought, it might be different, so I 
tried again and really... 

Am 13 Jun 2006 um 17:12 hat David Shaw geschrieben:
> I've spoken to the other folks and this will be fixed in the
> last-call for the RFC.

Now after all these versions there is a brand new rfc4880, but 
surprise, surprise, in this example embarrassingly 7 is still 0b1111, 
which leads to 0b100111, which is decimal not the correct 37, but 39.
The same old error since at least NINE years in an example how to use 
the standard.

Well, this gets really, really frustrating!

This is such a blatant error, which really cannot be disputed. If even 
such a simple error is never corrected, how would it be if I as no 
committee member really wanted to comment on something important in 
OpenPGP itself?
A totally pointless effort, I'm sure.


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