how to use gpg with a smartcard, when there is no smartcard

Stephan Hermann sh at
Sat Nov 10 13:13:09 CET 2007


Werner Koch schrieb:
> On Fri,  9 Nov 2007 10:28, sh at said:
>> There must be a possibility to sign something without having a smartcard 
>> reader attached, right?
> Sure.  You need to tell gpg to use a different key for signing  
>   gpg -s -u other-key
> will work.  If that other key is a subkey and tehre is also a smartcard
> based subkey which is preferred over other-key you need to apped an '!',
> e.g.
>   gpg -s -u '0x1234567!'
> The exclamation mark forces gpg to use exactly that subkey; the default
> is to figure out what will be the best subkey (or primary key) to use.
Thx Werner let me see if this works when I'm back in the office without 
any smartcard reader :)


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