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Thu Nov 15 19:56:15 CET 2007

avi israel isr_avi at
wrote on Thu Nov 15 11:27:24 CET 2007 :

" ... how can I identify GPG files not by their name (e.g. 
extension) but by their first bytes or file header.
For example – zip file starts with 'PK' (ASCII). ..."

as a general rule, comparing pgp and gnupg encrypted files in ascii 

the gnupg encrypted message will begin with an 'h' 
the pgp one will begin with a 'q'

for both v4 rsa and dh keys

for v3 keys,
pgp will also begin with an 'h'

(but *most* of us, with some notable exceptions ;-)
don't use v3 keys anymore except when using pgp 2.x )


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