Enigmail.js errors seen on Console log

Robert J. Hansen rjh at sixdemonbag.org
Tue Nov 20 02:18:06 CET 2007

Robert D. wrote:
> I was just looking at the Apple's Console log and saw these. I was
> wondering what caused them and what I could set to "not" cause them

These errors occur when the digest algorithm the message claims it's
using isn't the same as the one it's actually using; or if it uses an
algorithm other than one which must be used.  E.g., you could (pre-DSA2
support in GnuPG) get this error message if you attempted to process a
message that had a DSA signature using SHA256 as opposed to SHA-1 or

Looking at key 0xBA279E56, it appears to be a DSA-1024 signing key.  How
much do you want to bet they're using DSA2 and you don't have
enable-dsa2 in your gpg.conf?

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