How to remove a key from keyserver?

Andrew Berg bahamut at
Sun Nov 25 14:08:59 CET 2007

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Robert J. Hansen wrote:
> Andrew Berg wrote:
>> Robert J. Hansen wrote:
>>> In the universe of practicability, what he wants to do is not possible.
>> I know that. I just forgot to add that I know it.
> First, please do not quote private emails to public mailing lists
> without the original author's consent.
I did not realize it was a private message; it was threaded with all
the other messages of the same topic. I apologize and I will certainly
make sure to read header info to make sure it was from the list next time.

I see that GnuPG-Users was sent a carbon copy, so quoting this to the
list should be fine. ;-)
> Second, what you really forgot to add was a smiley.  Psychologists have
> done a ton of studies on how we perceive others via email, and what
> they've discovered is that people overwhelmingly are awful judges of the
> emotional context of email, and they are also overwhelmingly awful about
> recognizing the fact they are awful judges.  People read emails and feel
> great certainty about what the 'real' emotional context is.
I think that stems from the fact that written language can't hold that
context very well, so one is forced to interpret it.
On a side note, I think written language was really only intended for
formal things (widespread literacy is relatively new), and we haven't
had time to adapt it enough to make it replace spoken language.
>> John Clizbe wrote:
>>> Folks won't snicker behind your back that way.
>> Why would people snicker behind my back? I wasn't seriously suggesting
>> that he try to do it.
> In the absence of any contextual clues to make it clear you were joking,
> John was reading your message straight-up.  When reading your message
> straight up, it comes across as being kind of ankle-biting.  Had you
> added a smiley, or some note at the end to explain it was a joke, you
> probably wouldn't have received that reaction.
I thought its absurdity was enough of a clue. I guess I was wrong.
> All it amounts to is a joke (a) wasn't received by the intended audience
> and (b) the intended audience responded as if it was straight.  This
> sort of thing happens tens of thousands of times a day on the internet.
>  So let's all go back to our respective corners, and return a few
> minutes later with an appreciation for the expressive power of the
> simple, underutilized, smiley.  :)
Agreed. :-)

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