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Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Wed Oct 17 20:12:12 CEST 2007

reynt0 wrote:
> IIRC there was a Technische Universitaet or similar in
> Austria a while ago that was going to do some student
> elections by internet.

A lot of institutions are doing this nowadays.  I expect most
universities to go this way within the next few years--and once
university students get accustomed to it, a few years after that we'll
see the idea gain traction in the real-world election community.

For a look at the problems in the University of Iowa student government
elections, take a look at:

After delivering this report to Student Government, their response was
to bury it, never follow up with us, and the next year hired an outside
contractor to provide vote-by-internet, all on the basis of "the voting
research group here is not willing to be part of a productive working

ObGnuPGRelevance: some of the issues pointed out in the final report
could have been mitigated with GnuPG, although in the end UISG elected
to ignore our recommendations.

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