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Thu Oct 18 04:01:41 CEST 2007

On Wed, 17 Oct 2007, Robert J. Hansen wrote:
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> For a look at the problems in the University of Iowa student government
> elections, take a look at:
> After delivering this report to Student Government, their response was
> to bury it, never follow up with us, and the next year hired an outside
  . . .
> ObGnuPGRelevance: some of the issues pointed out in the final report
> could have been mitigated with GnuPG, although in the end UISG elected
> to ignore our recommendations.

Reading that report, I see another GnuPG relevance:  the
issue of Computer Science being a profession (occasionally
debated in IEEE publications (at least a while ago), etc).
The characteristics of a "profession" are supposed to
include the existence of professional standards and ethics 
requiring adherence to the standards.  Open source may be
thought to finess this issue, working in the understanding
(hope ?) that including direct feedback from interested
community members (given the existence of community 
communication channels, and ideally including members with
professional status or attitudes) may be a substitute
for professional standards and ethics.  Are there refined
answers available to the question, how can someone like
"salaried programmers" (p.2) best state a claim that
GnuPG could serve as part of a professional solution to
the problem?

(I hope this isn't too far out of bounds of gnupg-users

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