Separate Fingerprint for elGamal-Subkey?

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Mon Oct 22 12:14:18 CEST 2007

Pitigrilli wrote:
> I thought that there is only one fingerprint and that this would be 
> sufficient to confirm the integrity of the public key. Can any please
>  provide me with some information? Thanks, Pitigrilli

rjh at chronicles:~$ gpg --fingerprint --fingerprint --list-key 0x5b8709eb

pub   1024D/5B8709EB 2004-05-20
      Key fingerprint = B3FE 45FB 64FD 9C26 8D7D
                        A064 7AE5 1D9C 5B87 09EB

<< uid lines snipped >>

sub   1024g/D0C6AAE4 2004-05-20
      Key fingerprint = AB04 6B60 C352 390A BE98
                        F44D C8F7 33D0 D0C6 AAE4
sub   2048g/71E177DB 2007-03-20
      Key fingerprint = 1946 3571 6DB0 8689 ECBA
                        3F9D 0083 E95E 71E1 77DB
sub   2048D/8D02BBB3 2007-03-20
      Key fingerprint = 400D F79C 49B5 2F00 8EC8
                        225D 7F65 C1CA 8D02 BBB3

Hope this example helps.

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