Simple beginners questions about the gpg-smartcard

Alexander W. Janssen yalla at
Mon Oct 29 22:34:21 CET 2007

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Hi all,

I just subsribed to the list. I'm using the gpg-smartcard and it just
works for me.

However, I have a couple of maybe really simple questions which
weren't answered by the documentation I've read so far - yet.

1) Once I created my keypair on the smartcard and I was able to use it
on that system.
Now I bought several other smartcard-readers for my other machines and
I learned that I need to import the secret key (which I backuped
during the creation of the key on the card on the first system) on
every other machine which wants to use the smartcard too.
Why is that like that?
I thought that the secret key remains on the smartcard, and that this
is actually the benefit of the smartcard.
Why do I need to import the secret-key from disk to some local gpg to
that it can recognize the key on the smartcard at all?
I'm probably doing something wrong. Any pointers?

2) I bought a couple of SCM SPR-532 cardreaders. I learned that the
pin-pads are currently only experimentally supported by gpg
2.something. Is there any chance that the pin-pad support will be
backported to gpg 1.4.x?

Thanks a lot for your pointers & help. I probably just suck in reading

Cheers, Alex.

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