gpgsm and Kmail and X509 certificates

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Wed Sep 19 07:56:42 CEST 2007


Please bear with me, I am pretty ignorant on this subject.

What I am really trying to achieve is to import my X509 certificate into 
Kmail and be able to sign and encrypt emails in Kmail.

When configuring Kmail I click on Settings --> Configure Kmail then 
Security and I am presented with 5 tabs, two of which are Crypto 
Backends and S/MIME Validation. What do I put into these fields? The 
Crypto Backends --> Configure fields and the S/MIME Validation fields?

The other thing is I have a keypair generated with gpg as well as my 
X509 certificate.

Again, clicking on Settings --> Configure Kmail --> Identities I am 
presented with only the one identity, mine. Highlighting it and then 
clicking on 'Modify' I am presented with 5 tabs, one of which is 
Cryptography. Clicking on cryptography I am then presented with 4 fields 
I can enter data into. two of them are to do with OpenPGP signing and 
encryption keys. I have my PGP key ID in there. The other two are for 
S/MIME signing and encrypting certificates. Here is where I run into 
trouble... I cannot enter my certificates into these fields. If I click 
on 'change' I get an error 'An error occurred while fetching the keys 
from the backend: General Error' and 'No backends found for listing 
keys. Check your installation.'

The backends I have installed and checked are OpenPGP (gpg) and S/MIME 
(gpgsm) I do not have Chiasmus. (listed by clicking the 'scan' button) I 
have successfully imported my X509 certificate  into gpgsm and it is 
listed when executing gpgsm --list-keys.

Could somebody please give me instructions on how to get all this working?

Another error I get if I try and send a signed email from Kmail is: 
'Signing failed. Bad passphrase' I don't really understand this one as 
it used to work before I upgraded to F7 from F6.

Kmail is 1.9.6 KDE is 3.5.7 gpgsm is 2.0.3 and gpg is 1.4.7

All help appreciated.



Kind regards,

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