gpgsm and Kmail and X509 certificates

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Sep 19 13:06:36 CEST 2007

On Wed, 19 Sep 2007 07:56, gnichols at said:

> When configuring Kmail I click on Settings --> Configure Kmail then 
> Security and I am presented with 5 tabs, two of which are Crypto 
> Backends and S/MIME Validation. What do I put into these fields? The 
> Crypto Backends --> Configure fields and the S/MIME Validation fields?

The defaults should be fine for now.

> trouble... I cannot enter my certificates into these fields. If I click 
> on 'change' I get an error 'An error occurred while fetching the keys 
> from the backend: General Error' and 'No backends found for listing 
> keys. Check your installation.'

On the command line enter

  gpgsm -K

this should show you your own certificates

  gpgsm -k

shows all certificates.  Are there any error messages?

> have successfully imported my X509 certificate  into gpgsm and it is 
> listed when executing gpgsm --list-keys.

-k is an alias for --list-keys.  However you need to use -K (or

> Another error I get if I try and send a signed email from Kmail is: 
> 'Signing failed. Bad passphrase' I don't really understand this one as 
> it used to work before I upgraded to F7 from F6.

Is the gpg-agent running and a pinentry installed?  Check on the command
line with

  gpgsm --passwd <your-user-id>



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