problem in using windows

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Sun Apr 13 03:03:02 CEST 2008

Lokesh Madan wrote:
> I am not the group member of this list, but i have one serious 
> problem. In one of my application i want to use the libcrypt-1.4.0 
> version, but my application is in windows and i am using visual c++ 
> compiler. can anyone please help me in generating the .dll and .lib 
> files from the package

I would suggest looking in GPG4WIN to see if the necessary files are
already there.  The GNU C compiler is ABI-compatible with Microsoft's C
compiler; it's only in C++ that the ABIs change.

Otherwise, I'd suggest asking on the MinGW list about using Microsoft's
cl command-line compiler with Autotools.

Finally, Microsoft's C++ compiler is, by default, not a C++ compiler at
all.  If you're working with C++ I would strongly suggest using Intel's
C++ compiler, the GNU C++ compiler, or Sun's C++ compiler, all of which
are available at very low cost to students.

> I am not in the mailing list please CC me your answers. Thanks in
> advance

This is rude.  If you're going to come on a mailing list asking for
help, you should read the mailing list in order to see your replies.

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