changing the default keyring location in windows

Walter Torres walter at
Mon Apr 21 17:25:08 CEST 2008

Quoting Matt Kinni <mkinni at>:

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> Hello, I want to move my keyring files from %appdata%/gnupg to R:/
> I know you can do this somehow, I just can't figure out how.  Is there
> something I can add to ggp.conf?  Or is there an environment variable I
> can set?


First, take a look at my wiki, it describes how I install GnuGP and  
moved the files to where I think they should belong...

Second, it seems that my description is a bit old since a  
non-installer ZIP is no longer offer. I hope my method of moving the  
keys still works, but...

Gnu Gurus at large,

I would love to have a non-installer ZIP version available again. I  
don't like installers. I don't know where files are being put. I don't  
know what keys are being created.

Take a look at my install method. (Above URL) My methodology has a  
linux-type setup on my windows. Files "live" where they are supposed  
to live (as if it was a linux box).

Yes, I know, "if you want linux Walter, why not just use linux ". Long  
story. But that doesn't change the fact that too many Gnu apps  
developers for Windows think they have to change the way the Gnu app  
works (or at least where the files reside) because they are on  
Windows. Registry keys are not mandatory! You can develop an app  
without them, for the most part.

I don't have a single file in my Windows System directory.

I have only 4 or 5 registry keys (and 2 of them are for GnuGP!).

When my Windows machine needs to be rebuilt (and as you know, Windows  
does far too often!) I don't have to spend days rebuilding my linux  
side. All my "linux apps" are on their own volume, so they are not  
effected when I wipe C: drive. Then all I do is re-enter the ENV VARS  
(and the 4 or 5 keys) and I'm back in business. 10 minutes and I done!

And BTW: GnuGP and the USERS directory path directive in Apache are  
the only two items that I *have* to use a volume letter.

I don't know if the "left click and encrpyt" feature (I like that  
one!) can be moved from the registry, but I do know that the KEYS  
location can be removed from the registry. If GnuGP used the HOME ENV  
VAR (or at least looked for it) than that key could be removed.

Hope someone understands all this.


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