changing the default keyring location in windows

Werner Koch wk at
Tue Apr 22 08:47:06 CEST 2008

On Mon, 21 Apr 2008 17:25, walter at said:

> I would love to have a non-installer ZIP version available again. I
> don't like installers. I don't know where files are being put. I don't
> know what keys are being created.

Most people demanded an installer and thus we provide an installer.
Creating a ZIP version would just be too much overhead in terms of
testing and maintaining.  You may use Wine on a Unix box to extract the
files and zip them up.  Or write a tool for nsis to repackage an nsis
installer as zip file.

> Windows. Registry keys are not mandatory! You can develop an app
> without them, for the most part.

GnuPG should work just fine without any GnuPG specific registry key.  We
use the standard locations under Windows and the Registry is just one
way to override it.  GNUPGHOME is another one.

> And BTW: GnuGP and the USERS directory path directive in Apache are
> the only two items that I *have* to use a volume letter.

Why to you need to use a drive letter?  It works without.

> location can be removed from the registry. If GnuGP used the HOME ENV
> VAR (or at least looked for it) than that key could be removed.

There is no HOME envvar under Windows.  The best approximation is the
CSIDL_APPDATA identifier used with shgetfolderpath.  That is why we use
it.  We can't use HOME optionally because it would brak too much.  HOME
might be set by some users for certain applications and it would come to
a big surprise if GnuPG would suddenly make use of it.



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