changing the default keyring location in windows

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Mon Apr 21 22:04:13 CEST 2008

Matt Kinni wrote:
> Hello, I want to move my keyring files from %appdata%/gnupg to R:/
> I know you can do this somehow, I just can't figure out how.  Is there
> something I can add to ggp.conf?  Or is there an environment variable I
> can set?

The answer to both is yes, but each is a separate solution.

There are four methods that I know. The first three require you additionally
move gpg.conf. All require that you move the three keyring files: pubring.gpg,
secring.gpg, & trustdb.gpg.

1) Add --homedir=<foo> to _every_ invocation of gpg. Fine if you don't ever make
tpyos and don't forget to add it.

2) Set the environment variable GNUPGHOME to the location. Best done in the User
variables part of the Environment variable panel of System properties. (Control
panel --> System --> Advanced --> 'Environment Variables' button)

3) Change the value of HomeDir in the HKCU\Software\Gnu\GnuPG key. Some users
are uncomfortable directly editing the Registry. Later runs of the installer may
or may not mess with this. Most likely not, feeling lucky?

4) Set values in gpg.conf to redirect the location. (My preferred method)
Add the following lines to gpg.conf:

   primary-keyring R:\pubring.gpg
   secret-keyring  R:\secring.gpg
   trustdb-name    R:\trustdb.gpg

You may also need
   keyring         R:\pubring.gpg

Depending on the size of your portable storage device, you may find organizing
with directories a bit easier. I use O;\GnuPG and O:\PGP for my keyrings

BTW, I may have forgotten to mention it over the weekend. Please turn HTML
composition off completely with (Open)PGP. It produces messages that usually
will fail signature verification. It will sometimes work, but rarely.

format=flowed is another message composition "feature" that tends to break
signatures. It's most common in Mozilla mailers.


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