changing the default keyring location in windows

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Mon Apr 21 22:14:34 CEST 2008

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I got it working, thanks John!

John Clizbe wrote:
| Matt Kinni wrote:
|> Hello, I want to move my keyring files from %appdata%/gnupg to R:/
|> I know you can do this somehow, I just can't figure out how.  Is there
|> something I can add to ggp.conf?  Or is there an environment variable I
|> can set?
| The answer to both is yes, but each is a separate solution.
| There are four methods that I know. The first three require you
| move gpg.conf. All require that you move the three keyring files:
| secring.gpg, & trustdb.gpg.
| 1) Add --homedir=<foo> to _every_ invocation of gpg. Fine if you don't
ever make
| tpyos and don't forget to add it.
| 2) Set the environment variable GNUPGHOME to the location. Best done
in the User
| variables part of the Environment variable panel of System properties.
| panel --> System --> Advanced --> 'Environment Variables' button)
| 3) Change the value of HomeDir in the HKCU\Software\Gnu\GnuPG key.
Some users
| are uncomfortable directly editing the Registry. Later runs of the
installer may
| or may not mess with this. Most likely not, feeling lucky?
| 4) Set values in gpg.conf to redirect the location. (My preferred method)
| Add the following lines to gpg.conf:
|    no-default-keyring
|    primary-keyring R:\pubring.gpg
|    secret-keyring  R:\secring.gpg
|    trustdb-name    R:\trustdb.gpg
| You may also need
|    keyring         R:\pubring.gpg
| Depending on the size of your portable storage device, you may find
| with directories a bit easier. I use O;\GnuPG and O:\PGP for my keyrings
| BTW, I may have forgotten to mention it over the weekend. Please turn HTML
| composition off completely with (Open)PGP. It produces messages that
| will fail signature verification. It will sometimes work, but rarely.
| format=flowed is another message composition "feature" that tends to break
| signatures. It's most common in Mozilla mailers.
| -John
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