Naming of GnuPG

Dirk Traulsen dirk.traulsen at
Sat Apr 26 12:24:31 CEST 2008

Am 26 Apr 2008 um 2:20 hat Robert J. Hansen geschrieben:

> Dirk Traulsen wrote:
> > gpg   ==  GnuPG      ==  GnuPG Classic
> > gpgs ==  GnuPG+S  ==  GnuPG+S/MIME
> My own two cents' worth:


> Call it GnuPS, for the GNU Privacy Suite.  If additional tools,
> technologies, etc., are added to GnuPG 2.x or a future 3.0, then the
> GnuPS name can remain unchanged.
> In order to limit confusion with the Global Positioning System (GPS),
> it should always be spelled out as GnuPS. 

Funny, I first had exactly the same idea!

But I choose "gpgs", because besides being a bit longer to type, 
"gnups" has one point, which is not perfect:
It doesn't contain the well-known "gpg" in the name in spite of sharing 
the same code base for OpenPGP.

But I'm sure, either name gives less problems than GnuPG 2.0. If you 
keep this name, you will have to explain again and again and again...


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