Naming of GnuPG

Ludwig Hügelschäfer mlisten at
Sun Apr 27 12:04:30 CEST 2008

Robert J. Hansen wrote on 26.04.2008 9:20 Uhr:

> (...)
> I'd like to see GPG remain the name for only 1.4.
> GnuPG 2.x introduces a lot of new crypto support that is not related to
> OpenPGP.  The original metonymy is no longer appropriate.
> Call it GnuPS, for the GNU Privacy Suite.  If additional tools,
> technologies, etc., are added to GnuPG 2.x or a future 3.0, then the
> GnuPS name can remain unchanged.

Good idea on the first thought! On the second thought, however, I
associate the name "suite" not only with a command line tool (or a
family of), but additionally with a GUI and something like an encrypted
file system (e.g. PGP-Disc, truecrypt).

Just my impression.


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