New GnuPT-Version and new WinPT-Website

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Wed Dec 3 05:45:27 CET 2008

Mark Rousell wrote:
> Thus there is no logical basis (in terms of personal responsibility
> for information verification) to intentionally avoid including a URL.

Absurd.  You're assuming the very thing you're trying to prove.  You're
starting by saying "there's no reason for him not to have done it,
therefore he should have."

We're saying "he's already doing you a favor, so take some
responsibility and just Google it already."

> In other words, including a URL would have done no harm

People are under no obligation to do you favors just because you think
it's easy and painless for them to do so.  There are dozens of reasons
why he may have made that email as terse as he did.  I've been known to
respond to email on my iPod Touch when the need is great and it's the
only email communication device I have -- trust me, I keep my emails
very short when on that cramped touchscreen keyboard.

Just because you think it's a no-cost proposition for the original
poster to have included more information doesn't mean it actually was.

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