New GnuPT-Version and new WinPT-Website

reynt0 reynt0 at
Wed Dec 3 07:52:31 CET 2008

On Wed, 3 Dec 2008, Mark Rousell wrote:
  . . .
> The thing to remember is in this context is that taking personal
> responsibility for verifying information received is a valid and
> relevant principle regardless of how much or how little information you
> have available to you to begin with. In this specific case it would
> still have been an important and relevant principle even if the original
> announcement had included a URL (as, you must surely admit, is normal
  . . .

Seeing a url in a post is always a nice convenience, and
having it available to compare to googling results can be
just one more little way to verify what's what as one takes
proper personal responsibility.  (You have responsibility,
whether you take it or not, anyhow. :-) )

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