error: mpi too large,help me please!

Xueyu Hong hongxueyu at
Thu Dec 4 07:21:31 CET 2008


I am trying to signature and then verify some executable file through gpg,
bsign and digsig. Firstly, i start the following commands in order:

1.       gpg ¨Cgen-key

2.       gpg ¨Cexports >> my_pubkey.key

3.       bsign ¨Cs ps_test; bsign ¨CV ps_test

4.       digsig.init start my_pubkey.key

5.       ./ps_test

Here, the program ps_test is killed, and error information shows that
"Signature verification failed because of: -1 for ps_test", also "mpi too
large" is showed too.

I have no idea about this. Could you tell me how i can do?

thank you!




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