GPA "Sign only locally" missing

J. Ottosson j-001 at
Wed Dec 17 15:51:42 CET 2008


I just performed two identical installs of GPG4WIN 1.1.3 on two different Win 
OSes, one 2003 server standard and one XP Pro.

After everything is set and some keys are imported etc in both GPG (1.4.7) I 
used GPA to try to sign a key in both.

Then I noticed that the window coming up when pressing 'right click - Sign keys' 
are different. In one (XP) I get the option to "sign only locally" and in the 
other I don't get this option. The text are identical, the only diference being 
that the white checkbox and the text "Sign only locally" is completely absent.

(I assume this option is identical to the 'non-exportable' signature in PGP.)

Since I performed the installs in parallell, used the exact same install exe and 
haven't made any adjustments to any config I really am wondering what causes 
these different behaviors. Am I missing something? There were an earlier install 
of GPG 1.4.9 on the 2003 PC but it was uninstalled before the install of GPG4WIN 

Any ideas?


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