MacGPG2 news.

Benjamin Donnachie benjamin at
Wed Dec 24 14:05:22 CET 2008

The MacGPG2 project, responsible for producing a simple to use binary
install package for GnuPG v2.x under MacOSX has moved to a separate
project, see

MacGPG v2.0.9-BETA3 is now available to download from and I
will be working on a fully working version ready for GnuPG v2.0.10
which is expected soon.

Although I previously intended to incorporate MacGPG2 into the
existing MacGPG project, it remained hosted separately on my server.
Since shutting it down, it has become clear to me that MacGPG2 needed
a separate home and hence the separate group.

Benjamin Donnachie
MacGPG2 Project

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