pgp servers hanging

Matt Richards matt at
Fri Feb 15 03:00:09 CET 2008


I'm having an issue with GnuPG, I currently use it with mutt and everything was ok but now when I view an email that has sign
ed data and I dont have the key of the person that signed the email, mutt hangs.

This appears to be due to gnupg attempting to request the key via a keyserver and not having much success.

The keyserver I was using with no problems is hkp:// and since then I have tried a number of keyservers including mit's without much success, I did find one keyserver that i could connect to (LDAP based i think) but there didn't appear to be many keys avaliable.

I'm not behind any proxy servers or anything like that.

Does anybody know what might be going on? or are the keyservers just down?



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Matt Richards
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